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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

This is my first look into the Blog universe. We love Kevin Rains so much that my husband and I decided to be followers. Any suggestions on what to write? My day begins and ends the same: Breastfeading and more Breastfeading!! And all the rest is history. We will be going on a mini vacation and I hope to write some more then.

On a different note, I am preparing to homeschool my 5&3 year old. We are going to have such a blast. I can't wait. In two weeks we will be visiting a wolf hollow. So, we are going to do some wooden wolf paints to prepare. Oh, and did I say my baby is now crawling. Needless to say, I am a very tired Mom.. She is teaching me so much each day. When I look at her I can't belp but notice that many difficult things in life have such deep rewards. I am so blessed to have her. So, to all you moms out there with young ones, "HANG IN THERE".